But it’s home to me and I walk alone….


Hey everyone,

So this is quite difficult to write because as I type my throat is killing me and I am pretty sure that I am on the edge of catching the flu. But hey ho, I made a promise to post every Monday, so whomp, here it is!

So, the photo above was taken in one of my favourite places to go for walks. It is beautiful, leafy, not too busy and it has lots of offshoots and mini hills to explore. It gives me the time to clear my head and that is something that I have really needed recently. On my walk, I started to think about being alone and what that means.

I like my own company and I am fiercely independent. I am more than comfortable spending hours alone in my own company. But, sometimes I am reminded that it is lovely to have people around you that care about you and want you to be happy.

I have been going through a lot of issues with work and it has been difficult on my mental health. I have been having disagreements and I have been finding it difficult to say what I want and how I really feel. My default is to keep things to myself, until they hurt too much. Then I burst. But things are different now. I have a relatively new group of friends who don’t let me brush off my feelings and will listen without pretending to have all the answers. It is so nice and refreshing.

I am starting to think that sharing is a release and actually quite brave. after all, I named my website finethanksyou for a reason. Because it is better to share. As long as you are safe. I want to turn my back on the voices that tell me to keep things to myself so that I will be left alone and that I can only trust myself.


I am not an island and I don’t necessarily want to be. In many ways, my happy default is to be on my own but I think that it is time to share more of me. Not in a John Legend way, let’s not overdo it kids!

Anyway, I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you.

So join me for more on Friday?

I have got a new idea brewing that I cannot wait to share with you.

All the best,


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