It’s just the little things….

The sentimental things in life…..

Hello you!

So, I promised that I would share my surprise with you today, so drumroll please


Welcome to Frivolous Fridays!

So, one thing that I am working on doing is finding little things that make me happy, tiny things that I can do often without losing perspective and money. I thought that it would be great to share this with you, so every month, I will be sharing three things that I have enjoyed.

So, without further ado:




I don’t know why but a few times a week there is a man that comes by near my office with a paddling pool, two sticks and bars and he makes amazing bubbles. As soon as I see them, I am transported to my childhood and remember how much they make me laugh and smile. I hope that they always will.




I truly love them. I try to go three times a week. This photo was taken in a park towards the end of my walk but sometimes I just walk around and allow myself to get lost. I pick a podcast or a set of songs to listen to and I go on my way. I just focus on moving and clearing my head. I have discovered some beautiful places and it makes me so happy when I can go and explore.



Pokemon Go!

Yes. I know. I am an adult and I should be above such things. But while men and women can enjoy silly things like the Eurovision Song Contest and fantasy football, I see no reason why I can’t enjoy this. It can link to two in that I have often played whilst walking but it generally makes me happy when I catch a new Pokemon that I have never heard of before. I will probably stop once it gets to Winter but for now, Team Mystic!


So…. What works for you? What silly or fun things make you smile or even more, be happy.


Let me know, I am always trying to find new things.


Have a lovely weekend.



All the best,


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