Still I rise…


Anish Kapoor, Adam

Hello you,

So, what the hell has gone on this week? As if the world didn’t look topsy and turvy enough, America goes and has one of their most controversial elections. I, along with almost all pundits, polls and many people worldwide didn’t see this coming. It has definitely had an effect on me and where I think my place in the world is. I wanted to get my thoughts all out in this post, because hey, if I can’t share them on this blog, what is the point?

Firstly, I should make it clear that I was brought up to believing that politics is important. I wasn’t allowed to be ignorant, uninterested, or just against anything without having a strong argument. If I ever responded to a question about say, foreign policy, with even so much as a *hint* of apathy, my mother would snap back with “Oh, so, I am sending you to school for nothing? Isn’t this something that you should know about? Especially with your degree?”So it was always in my best interests to read up on things that were going on beyond my front garden. Reader, it stuck. I can get into the most passionate of arguments about my stance on say the death penalty (staunchly against, doesn’t stop crime and doesn’t leave any room for error), the right to choose (vehemently pro) and the recent EU Referendum (Pro EU, if only for the Human, Employment and Consumer rights the membership affords us). I can also get my head around other peoples opinions, but something about the recent EU referendum and the US election feels different. It makes me feel separate from so many other people, on top of feeling alone because of the constant negative thoughts that run through my head and my overall mental health.

A lot of people understandably feel disenfranchised and feel slighted by their own respective governments and are finding it difficult to find their own place. I understand that, I really do. But the fact that this has been partnered with a few dangerously far-right views worry me. When did it become okay again to run a campaign that attacks people because of their appearance, ethnicity, religion, sex and gender in order to gain support? Will people ever be able to look at each other and realise that your neighbour is probably not the source of all of your problems and to look to those that are meant to be in charge instead?

I am disheartened and tired. But here’s the thing, I can’t give up. I am just about keeping my head above the parapet right now and I need something to look forward to. Something to hope for. My parents worked so hard for me to have the opportunities that they didn’t and so I feel the need to better them and make my stamp on the world. So whilst I continue to take steps in my mental health journey, I hope that you know that I am proud to walk alongside people of any ethnicity, religion, sex and gender. Wherever you are in your mental health journey.

Let’s leave behind the nights of terror and RISE.

Have a great week.

All the best,



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