Everybody knows that yeah I’m kinda shy….

Hello you,


Reader, this week has been interesting….


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I do tend to start the year by looking at a behaviour, or a part of myself that I would like to work on and I act on improving it. Given my current work state, I am working on finding out what I am like when I am not working and when I am not using work to escape from other parts of my life.

Well, it turns out that I am not bad at getting out and speaking to new people. I went out on Saturday night for a friends birthday and I started a few conversations with people and they went well. Reader, I was almost flirting. And whilst I didn’t have any direct aims, it was nice to engage in  conversations with people that I don’t know and get that buzz of energy when they wanted to speak with me.

I have also been working on sharing my feelings a bit more. My therapist and my other counsellor are the only people that I have shared with without a filter, but I am working on doing this with my friends. I am still cautious afterwards and I do feel incredibly vulnerable, but to hear my dear friend tell me that it was great to hear more from me and to learn about a whole new side of, me was lovely.

I am a long way away from where I think I want to be. I don’t know if I will ever be completely open about everything and I am still worried that this will all change once I am back in work. But I am taking it one day at a time. And I am okay with that. It’s enough for me.

Have a great week.

All the best,






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